Single-channel digital video, 
Color, sound, 1:09:11 
Format: QuickTime

Short version of the original movie, in which the time dimension is strongly accentuated and it is perceived as a disturbance element, in fact, the video is composed of a single one-hour-long scene in which the only movement is given by the flow of water and the slow and progressive displacement of shadows reflected on the containers. Although the video was shot at sunset, the sunset is not visible but only perceivable. The romantic connotation usually attributed to the sunset, in the video is totally annihilated by the deafening background noise produced by the cargo ship engines and the foreground view of bulky containers.


Single-Channel digital video
Color, sound, 5' 2"
Format: MPEG-4

The Video was made on 22.1.2004 from 15 to 16pm at the Hofstrasse 15 in Zug.

Cities are composed of well-established architectures and yet subject to permanent changes. In the course of globalization, radicalized capitalism has increasingly occupied all areas of life and the city.
Cities are changed by us, and at the same time they change our behavior and our interpersonal relationships.


Single-Channel digital video, color, sound
8' 40" Looped
Format: MPEG-4

La Biennale di Venezia
51st Esposizione Internazionale d’arte
Marocco's Pavilion 
Church of S. Maria della Pietà

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