STUNT   2016

Partial documentation of the Performance 
Installation: Patricia Jacomella Bonola
Performance: Mercé de Rande
Foce Parco Ciani Lugano 22.06.2016
Color, sound, 4'44” 
Format MPEG-4


Partial documentation of the Performance 
Performance: Patricia Jacomella & Mercé de Rande
Manifesta 11
Cabaret der Künstler – Zunfthaus Voltaire – Zürich 29.07.2016
Color, sound, 5'22”
Format: MPEG-4

Some of the worst employment-crimes happen in clothing factories in the Asiatic countries, which produce clothes for big warehouse at low cost, thanks to workers exploitation. Nowadays clothes are selling at giveaway prices and this encourages and promotes the impulse buying of needless clothing. We buy an obscene amount of clothes and there are some serious implications of consuming clothes in ever-increasing volumes: Forty percent of the clothes we buy are never worn and directly discarded.Our clothes continue to impact the environment after purchase. The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world, second only to oil.
Instead of throwing away my old knitwear, I have unraveled sweaters and cardigans and with its wool I have made a 639 meter long cord with the knitting mushroom. 
Garments that normally decorate our bodies and serve to highlight our own individuality, in this case constitute a moment of anti-productivity


Partial documentation of the Performance in the Exhibition:
"Les jours des éphémères", Künstlerhaus S11 Solothurn
Color, Sound, 4:45'
Format: MPEG-4

23‘764 Egg shells that I have collected for 22 years were placed in circular forms covering the floor of several exhibition rooms.
Here, eggs can be understood as symbols of life but evokes also the mass production eggs in battery farms where hens are kept in horrible living conditions.
The audience who was the main character of this performance stepped on the egg’s shells destroying them in short time, similar to sand mandalas. 


Partial documentation of the Performance in the exhibition:
"Il museo insostenibile"
La Rada Locarno, 08.04.2006
Color, Sound, 4' 35"

The visitor pays the entry with a ten-franc note, which is stamped by J&W and used by the visitor as an entry ticket.
The "ticket" is canceled as usual by tearing it and then returned to the visitor.


Partial documentation of the Alternative-Auctions 
FWD>>! The Mobile Art Space, 23.11.2013
Color, Sound, 5'57”
Format: MPEG-4

Some of Vincent van Gogh’s most famous works are his Sunflowers series. On March 31st, 1987 Japanese insurance magnate Yasuo Goto paid about 40 million dollars for Van Gogh’s Still Life “Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers” at the auction at Christie’s London, at the time it was a record-setting amount for an artwork.
By means of an alternative auction every single sunflower pot was sold at different prices and the proceeds went to a cultural center.

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