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FHD video, colour, sound, loop, 9'5'', TV screen,

Honey jar produced by bees placed on the roof of the Paris Opera and sold at exorbitant prices.

Edition 3 + 1 (with screen)



Gallery Billing Bild, Baar, (CH), 2023

© Patricia Jacomella Bonola

The work focuses on the use of places by commercial philosophies and examines the impact that the installation of beehives on the rooftops of European cities can have on the ecosystem. The introduction of commercial honey bees into the social structure of wild bees points to a new kind of colonialism and also encourages a form of greenwashing; In fact, many construction companies place beehives on the roofs of their properties to increase their ecological credibility and thus obtain environmental certifications, thereby increasing the value of their buildings.

The video shows scenes filmed at the 'Ferme du Bonheur' in Nanterre during my residency in Paris with footage I shot on the roof of the 'Magasin Généraux' in Pantin, exploring contrasting habitats and showing in documentary form how the Asian hornet, which arrived in Paris in 2004 with a load of Bonsai trees, attacks the hives, eating bees and larvae.


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