Participatory Installation
11'648 Colored envelopes


"Festival für Ephemere Kunst"
Botta’s Tower Castle Leuk


Curated by Meinrad Feuchter

Anyone who sends something communicates and launches a statement in the space, the recipient must somehow respond to it. The vast majority of communication is determined by emotions and our state of mind. Robin Kurilla shows that emotions as social and communicative constructs in different cultures function in their own way as media of conflict.
The colors of these envelopes communicate my past emotions but in the communication colors assume great importance because they are able to provoke psychological and emotional effects, therefore, to influence people.
The visitor was invited to select an envelope whose color evoked a certain feeling and then to tear it up. As with the kaleidoscope, where the image is constantly changing, the exhibition space looked different after each visitor.

Foto © Patricia Jacomella Bonola

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