Digitalphoto on Stamoid
180 x 130 cm
Red Carpet 180 x 130 cm,
A pair of gold painted shoes

Kunst am Hirschenplatz Zug
29.06 – 14.09.2019
Curated By Jacqueline Falk

My work "Clytemnestra" consists of a red carpet, supplemented by a pair of golden shoes and the photo of a prayer rug, photographed in the mosque of Sultan El-Naser Mohamed in Cairo.

With these two very different carpets, I play in contrast to parallel realities with divergent values and thus draw attention to current social issues.

The title of the work also refers to a piece of common origin in western and eastern culture: Klytaimenstra was the mythological queen of Mycenae who, in the Greek tragedy of Aeschylus, unrolled the red carpet for the first time.

Foto: © Patricia Jacomella Bonola

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