PEQUOD   2017

Mattress, bottom sheet, comforter, pillow,
936 plastic bags, Nautical map, Vinyl Text
Dimension Variable

SVA Open Studios Exhibition New York

Curated by Keren Moscovitch

© Patricia Jacomella Bonola


This work is made of discarded plastic and it represents our most intimate habitat in which to feel safe and sheltered, but this bed is uncomfortable, rough and prickly. It highlights the habitat we are building with plastic in our oceans.

The title "Pequod" refers to the whaling ship commanded by Captain Ahab who was obsessed with catching the white whale named Moby-Dick in the novel Moby-Dick by Hermann Melville. Today, legal whale hunting has been strictly banned in most countries, but whales are still in danger because whales ingest plastic particles inside plankton.

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