Tailor's dummy, crinoline, 5000 circles of reflective PVC
Dimension variable

"Hybride Positionen in der Kunst" Kunsthalle Schaffhausen

Curated by André Bless

"Hybrid Identity" is a definition based on the cultural identities of migrants. In times of technological acceleration, the sharing economy, and the transfer of the virtual to physical life, this definition can be attributed to each and every one of us. With this work, I put the people in the center. With a mixture of realism and fiction, I critically analyze how new ideologies are reflected in our lifeworld and how we see ourselves in the multi-option society.
The hybrid character of this work consists in a mix of sculpture and clothing. The work combines three elements: an oversized, non-wearable dress that serves our self-classification; the mirror, which reflects the real space, and a scaly structure reminiscent of medieval armor, symbolizing our need for protection. With this work, I thematize desires, longings and fears and I explore current daily issues.


Foto: © Patricia Jacomella Bonola

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