Video Projection

1-Channel video projection, colour, sound

10:45 min.

Licht und Kunst Festival Zug
27.10 – 15.11.2018
Curated By Jacqueline Falk & Carole Kambli

Sixty years of economic boom have left their mark on the city of Zug. More and more companies are settling in Zug and buying up the city, land and property prices have become inaccessible to ordinary people. Real estate companies nest in every corner of the historic centre and real estate speculation is in full bloom.

Patricia Jacomella's Video installation focuses on the effects of digitization in relation to urban development and its influence on changing individual behaviour. The film also lets us think about the possibilities of a smart city - where modern technologies in the areas of energy, mobility and urban planning are networked in such a way that the quality of life for the residents increases.

© Patricia Jacomella Bonola

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