Participatory Installation

Red carpet

Dimension variable


Foto: © Patricia Jacomella Bonola

Foto: © Dominik Zietlow

In Islamic art, the girih are geometric motifs of perfection and symmetry. Symmetry is an expression and a fundamental tool of the human mind for the processing of information. For the installation I broke the mathematical perfection of the girih-pattern in favour of social perfection.

The strips of red carpet laid on the floor formed an imperfect girih motif, on which the audience was invited to walk on without shoes and without leaving the red track.

The "red carpet" is a sign of exclusivity, fame, power and success and at the same time recalls the carpets placed in mosques with a diametrically opposite connotation.

The small carpet strips forced the audience to completely change their gait, and the inevitable encounter-clash caused a feeling of uncertainty and unease in the public. With this work I investigate the influence and power that objects have on changing human behaviour.

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