Installation view                                                                                                                   

Papyrus sheet, red thread,

100 x145 x 550 x cm

Shedhalle Zug

06. – 15.3.2020

© Patricia Jacomella Bonola

My work Memories of Tomorrow relates to the long history of concrete use and cultural connotations of papyrus. The huge ark is entirely made up of handmade papyrus sheets, which I sewed together with a red thread. I bought the papyrus sheets in al-Qaramous, a village in the Nile delta: each sheet corresponds to a fragment of a craftsman's life.

For the ancient Egyptians the boat carried the meaning of the transition from life to death and vice versa. The ark, in the biblical sources; in Mesopotamian mythology and Hinduism, is a symbol of salvation, it contains the elements of life and continuity, it marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.

Although the representation of the boat refers to tragic realities linked to the flows of migrants in the Mediterranean region, the ark embodies a sign of hope: Metaphorically it represents our world transition phase, characterized by migrations and environmental mutations.

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