Interactive Installation
639 meters wool cord, knitting mushroom

Kunstraum Kolinplatz 21 Zug

Curated by Jacqueline Falk

Some of the worst employment-crimes happen in clothing factories in the Asiatic countries, which produce clothes for big warehouse at low cost, thanks to workers exploitation. Nowadays clothes are selling at giveaway prices and this encourages and promotes the impulse buying of needless clothing.
Our clothes continue to impact the environment after purchase. The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world, second only to oil.

For the installation Between the Lines instead of throwing away my old knitwear, I have unraveled sweaters and cardigans and with its wool I have made a 639 meter long cord with the knitting mushroom.

In the exhibition it was stretched up to obtain a huge web in which we were all in some way caught and with which the audience needed to interact.


Foto: © Patricia Jacomella Bonola

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