2- Channel HD video, colour, sound, 7:45 min.

Nordpol Zug


The term "Two Dot Zero" which results from technology and web development is widely used in every context: Being 2.0 today means being up-to-date, networked, global connected and fast. The digital revolution affects people's lives and habits, but what position do women hold in today’s social and global context?


Inversely to technological progress and digital revolution, government regulations, society, institutions and popular culture still hold onto outdated social constructs of the feminine. Gender inequalities are one of the main obstacles to sustainable development, economic growth and the fight against poverty.


In addition to the economic circumstances, the starting point of my examination is to question how we deal with prejudices and stereotypes that are still associated with the female figure. To what extent are clichés influenced by the collective and internalized by us personally?


The video juxtaposes recordings of contradictory realities that I personally experienced during my stays in New York and Cairo. Scenes of everyday life filmed in Cairo are interwoven with those of New York, without dividing lines.

The boundaries between social classes and cultural barriers merge and underline the current needs of women worldwide.

Some scenes are arranged in such a way that they create a feeling of voyeurism in the viewer.


The soundtrack of the video consists of local sounds and noises as well as a musical composition resulting from the translation into music of the letters that make up the word "woman" in different languages.

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