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LIKE YOU  2014

Participatory Installation
Table, armchair, chair, tailor’s doll, yellow silk jacket, 
250 questionnaire, jar, pencils,

6 Boxes No. 101-106 with the pattern of the yellow silk jacket

27 x 18 x 7 cm (each)

Galerie Billing Bild Baar

8.5. – 22.6.2014

The installation is focused on the active participation of the audience. Visitors are invited to interact with the work wearing the copy Ms. Vermeer’s jacket and completing the form made available to them.

The artist is interested in whether the wearing of the garment changes the behavior of the individual and what thoughts or feelings brings out.

The 6 Boxes contain the pattern to reproduce the yellow silk jacket belonging to Vermeer’s wife.  With this participatory work, I also offer to the audience the possibility to produce their own artwork.

Credits: © Patricia Jacomella Bonola

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