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NEO (MOLE) 2010



168 Dolls, ribbons, black suitcase


Installtion view:

Villa Saroli, Lugano


The topic of travel has accompanied man all through his history. Al the beginning human beings were obliged to move in order to look for food; later travelling became an element of discovery and conquest and last but not least of commercial exchanges.

Nowadays we know many kinds of journeys: the business trip, travel for leisure, the journey of hope, which makes us move from one continent to another, from one culture to another.

Laggage accompanies not only travellers, but also every human being on the earth, each one of us has his/her own cultural baggage, with traditions, ideas and experience. 

Man is already born directly with his/her own baggage, the genetic one: this is baggage s/he cannot choose or get rid of, whether it be good or bad, favourable or unfavourable.

S/he discovers it at birth, as with a mole, and  takes it along with him/her during the most genuine journey: the journey of life.

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