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OFNFO 2021

Wall installation

Curtain 300 x 240 cm

Variable dimensions

Pop-Up Gallery Atelier Zug

Gipsstrasse 3, Berlin


On the white wall, onto which the sun projects the shape of the window in detail, hangs a white curtain gathered in the middle. The curtain does not frame a real window. The window appears and disappears depending on the incidence of light creating an interaction between real and fictional space.

The title "Ofnfo" is composed of two words: "Off" and "On" in palindrome form. "Off" and "On" are antitheses of the same technical language, are also signs of a position that we determine by pressing a button with "Off" or "On".

In this work, the "Off" and "On" functions are completely useless, as the window becomes visible depending on weather conditions and not according to human will.

Credits: © Bernd Hiepe 

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